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2016-17 Minutemen Baseball Spring/ Summer Tryout Information!

By Jonathan Morse 06/22/2016, 6:00pm EDT

2016-2017 Minutemen Baseball Tryouts!

Minutemen Baseball welcomes athletes, ages 9-17, to tryout for our 2017 Spring and Summer travel baseball teams! The Minutemen Baseball program is comprised of travel baseball teams, ranging from 10U to 18U College Prospect athletes, with multiple teams at each age level.

We are seeking passionate, motivated, and committed baseball athletes, ages 9-17, who are looking to elevate their skills to the highest level, while enjoying the sport of baseball like never before.  

We value players that are looking for long term skill development to enter our curriculum based programs. As players progress through our development program, the emphasis of their development will advanced as their skills improve.

**If you were unable to make any or all of our tryout dates, please email us at to schedule a private tryout at our facility**

The focus of our 10U-12U teams is to introduce our young athletes to the fundamentals of “professional” baseball mechanics. These athletes will learn the basics of body force generation, hitting with the legs (not the arms), proper infield and outfield technique, healthy throwing, pitching from the stretch and more. Our 10U-12U curriculum is designed to greatly improve the fundamental mechanical skills of every player, as well as prepare them for the regulation diamond and middle school baseball.

The focus of our 13U-14U teams is to develop and instill advanced mechanical baseball skills in our athletes. These athletes will learn how to hit using “forced rotation” and how to hit with power to all fields. In addition, players will be taught advanced infield and outfield techniques, pitching mechanics that will emphasize a consistent release point and begin to promote the development of future velocity. Our 13U-14U curriculum is designed to elevate our athlete’s mechanical and mental skills to prepare them for the high school junior varsity and varsity levels.

The focus of our 15U-18U teams is to develop and nurture elite-level baseball mechanics and mental skills. In addition to fine-tuning “forced rotation” hitting, these athletes will learn how to maximize bat speed, enhance “sweet spot relationship” for improved consistency of contact, and the mental approach of the professional hitter. Defensively, our athletes will be taught the most advanced infield and outfield skills. Pitchers will be participate in a complete off-season throwing program that will be written with injury reduction and velocity improvement in mind. Our 15U-18U curriculum is designed to prepare our athletes for college recruitment and collegiate play.

About the Minutemen Baseball Program

If selected to Minutemen, you will participate in our off-season skill development and strength training program, beginning in November and ending in March. You and your teammates will train two to three times per week with our elite staff of instructors and coaches. In addition, we have teamed up with Champion Physical Therapy and Performance, lead by Mike Reinold, the former Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist of the Boston Red Sox.  Dr. Reinold and the team at Champion have designed age-specific performance enhancement and injury prevention programs based on the same programs they use with the professional athletes.

"You and I had a conversation at the beginning of this off-season about your program, which sounded too good to be true. As this is Chris' first season with The Farm/Minutemen I was apprehensive. I said at the time, "if half of what you say is true, this program will be amazing". I have never seen him work so hard and be so happy to do so; from strength & conditioning, to nutrition, to honing his skills in batting, fielding, and his position as catcher. In addition to the physical demand, the respect for the game and all participants involved has been continuously reinforced. As a former coach, for competing teams in a youth organization (14 years), I know the importance of good coaching. As you know, players/team members will always replicate the behavior and attitude of their coaches. With that said, Coach Jon has empowered these young players to conduct themselves, during some tough situations, with a demeanor that is beyond their years. I have literally told everyone who will listen to me about his/our experience. I'm blown away by the growth Chris has had both physically and mentally. Your "Core Values" are not just words; I can attest you practice what you preach. You, your coaches, as well as the Physical Therapists at Champion have under-promised and over-delivered! I hope you (all) are as pleased with Chris' progression as we are. I can't wait to see the metamorphosis over the next few years. That's right, we are in for the long hall. I couldn't, in good conscious, take my son, who loves baseball the way he does, out of such a phenomenal program. Thank you again for all that you and your team do!" -Stefanie Fagan


All of our 2016-2017 off-season training is held at The Farm Baseball Performance Institute, our brand new 11,000 square-foot professionally outfitted indoor training facility in Waltham, MA.     


Come and tryout for the best developmental baseball program in the state!!

TheFarmBPI The Farm BPI TheFarmBPI

The Farm Baseball Performance Institute

108-A Clematis Avenue

Waltham, MA  02453

Call: 781-790-1747