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Minutemen Baseball College Commitments

Minutemen Baseball Team Sportngin Codes

Our off-season training is quickly approaching (for three of our teams, our Strength & Conditioning program with Champion Physical Therapy & Performance starts next week!) 

Each team's practice schedules (and game schedules come spring) are located on each specific team page under the '2018 Minutemen Baseball' tab. Additionally, I've sent email invitations through our website (it may come up as Sportngin) to everyone, please accept, as this will be our main mode of communication throughout the off-season and game season.

If you did not receive this invitation, please contact me at

Also, please download the Sportngin App through the App Store (iPhone/ Android) Please make sure you add the new app ID number for your specific team!

10 Navy -- Search ID: 2242587

11 Navy -- Search ID: 2242744

12 Navy -- Search ID: 2242811

12 Red -- Search ID: 2242863

13 Navy -- Search ID: 2242979

14 Navy -- Search ID: 2243066

14 Red -- Search ID: 2243085

15 Axis -- Search ID: 2244506

16 Axis -- Search ID: 2244602

17 Axis -- Search ID: 2244681

New Baseball Bat Standard for New England Elite Baseball League

this will be the marked stamp on new USA Bats

Starting on January 1st, 2018 the New England Elite Baseball League will be adopting the 'USA Baseball' Bat Standard.

All bats for the 8U-13U levels will need to have the USA Baseball Stamp on it, (BBCOR Bats can also be used at any level those bats do not have the USA Stamp on them). These bats will be made available to the public in retail stores starting September 1st. If the bat has a USA stamp on it then it can be used for any of the 8U-13U levels in the EBL, all other bats will be illegal. The barrel sizes for these bats will be from 2 1/4-2 5/8 and the new standard will not have a drop-weight limit, so players can use bats made with light-weight material as long as the USA stamp is on the bat. All other bats from previous years will now be considered illegal starting January 1st. This is a change that is being done Nationally by Little League, Pony League, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, AABC and so on. The majority of the tournaments that teams will enter in 2018 will also be changing the bat rules.  

USSSA (U triple S A) - These stamped bats WILL NOT be allowed in the EBL. There is a difference between the USA stamped bats and the USSSA stamped Bats.  

2018 Bat Rules for the EBL

8U-13U- Starting January 1st, 2018 all bats will need to have the USA stamp on it. If it has the USA stamp on it then it will be allowed. BBCOR bats can be used at these levels too. 

14U- Divisions 1, 1A & 2 will now be a BBCOr league. (BBCOr bats do not have the USA stamp on them). All bats must have the BBCOr stamp on it, these bats are all -3. 

15U- Division 1- Wood Bat

15U- Division 2- BBCOr (BBCOr bats do not have the USA stamp on them).

16U- Wood Bat

18U- Wood Bat

Team Axis Minutemen Continues to Roll...!

By Jonathan Morse 08/04/2017, 2:30pm EDT

Team Axis Minutemen (16u) continues to roll after winning the 2017 South Shore Summer Slam and 2017 Dream Bat Invitational Tournament (Connecticut).

In the College Prep Nine-Inning Special Wood Bat Tournament, Team Axis is (2-0) with a run differential of 13 heading into tomorrow's (Saturday, August 5th) doubleheader against Technique Tigers 18u and Show Baseball at New England Baseball Complex in Northborough, MA! 

To keep track of Team Axis Minutemen this weekend, click here!


2017 Dream Bat Invitational Champions!

2017 South Shore Summer Slam Champions!

Our 15 Axis and 16 Axis Gold teams complete off-season training! Good luck in your high school season, boys!

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