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Player of the Week: Nick LeSanto

By Jonathan Morse 12/06/2016, 11:30am EST

1. When’s your birthday? Are their any professional athletes with the same birthday?

My birthday is September 12, 2000 -- unfortunately, I do not know of professional athletes that share the same birthday. 

2. What’s your favorite number and why?

My favorite number is #12 because I was born on the 12th -- and because it's Tom Brady's number, obviously. 

3. What’s your favorite food to eat before a game? 

Two cheese dogs, every time.  

4. What is something that you’re currently working on that will help you be the best player you can be during this upcoming season?

With my swing, I am working on firing my back hip while not pulling my front shoulder out. Pitching wise, I will be focusing on staying over my back knee and finishing low - out over my front foot. 

5. What is your favorite subject in school? Why?

My favorite subject in school is English/ U.S History because I feel they are interesting and relevant in real life. 

6. What is your favorite position to play?  

Pitcher -- simply because the game is always in you hands.  

7. What have you enjoyed most about the Minutemen Baseball program so far? 

This being my first off-season with the Minutemen, the thing I've enjoyed the most, by far, is the work ethic of everyone on my team. The players here mean business, which is why this team has been so successful the past couple years. 

8. What is your goal for the rest of this offseason?

  • I have a few goals that I would like to achieve by the end of the off-season - they are: 
    • Throw 80mph + consistently
  • Make Needham High School Varsity Baseball
  • Hit .350 during the High School season
    • Lose 10-15 pounds while maintaining the strength I've gained while working out this off-season with Champion PT & Performance. 
  •  9. What Minutemen player do you look up to the most? Why? 

I look up to Cole Whitehouse, he has the best attitude and work ethic of anyone I've ever played with. 

10. If you don’t end up becoming a professional baseball player one day, what do you think you’ll be doing as a career?

If I don't play professional baseball -- I will hopefully become a therapist of some kind. 

Minutemen Baseball Thanksgiving Training Days & Times

By Minutemen Baseball Staff 11/09/2016, 2:00pm EST

We're very excited that our Minutemen off-season team training started this week for our 13u-16u teams! At the end of this month, all of our teams will have started their off-season development working towards the goal of becoming a better baseball player. 

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, we would like to announce our Minutemen Baseball training days and hours for before and after the holiday. Please see below: 

Wednesday, November 23rd: Open Hit -- 12pm-2pm (No Strength & Conditioning)

Thursday, November 24th: CLOSED

Friday, November 25th: CLOSED

Saturday, November 26th: CLOSED


Minutemen Baseball Staff

Limited Roster Spots Available for 2016-17 Minutemen Baseball

By Jonathan Morse 06/22/2016, 6:00pm EDT

Minutemen Baseball has limited roster spots available for our 11u, 14u Red teams for the 2016-2017 baseball season!

If you’re looking for your son to develop his baseball skills, you’ve definitely come to the right place; it’s something that we really take pride in — developing each and every player from the moment they enter our program to the time they graduate high school with the option of playing collegiate baseball.

We will be opening a brand new, state of the art – 11,000 square foot facility in October (conveniently located right next door to our current facility)!

Our 10-12u programs begins at the end of November running through the end of March before the New England Elite Baseball League season begins in early April.  Our practices will include topics such as specific strength and body control, physics and biomechanics of the professional baseball swing, injury free throwing, pitching with the body and not just the arm. We individualize each position and stress middle infield defense, dynamics of the corner infielder, total control out-field work and building the "game changing catcher" through boot camps by our catching coach, Mark Brown (Wheaton College).  We break down the philosophies and strategies of the game covering themes such as: defensive positioning and responsibilities, pop-up and fly ball hierarchy, on-deck preparation for the hitter, and dugout work and adjustment making for the smart baseball player. 

Our 10U-12U curriculum is designed to greatly improve the fundamental mechanical skills of every player, as well as prepare them for the regulation diamond and middle school baseball.

If you are interested or have any questions, please reach out to us at


Minutemen Baseball Staff

The Farm Baseball Performance Institute

108-A Clematis Ave., Waltham, MA  02453

Call: 781-790-1747