Catcher's Clinic 2.0

by Coach Sonny Boyd

New Era Catching

Our recent catcher's clinic was such a success, we decided to go for round 2.

The next clinic is scheduled for every Saturday, starting Nov 19, and ending around Dec 18 with a break for Thanksgiving.  

This clinic will be an instructional and development program to have Minutemen Baseball players grow into the new era catchers coaches are looking for. This clinic will focus on fun and informative drills to grow each catcher's ability to handle every situation that comes their way to help grow their mental health and knowledge of this position.  Throughout this clinic, each catcher will learn the correct stances, and learn to come up through the baseball in receiving. Catchers will learn how to block properly and throw runners out. The clinic focuses on each catcher's individual level of play and improvements will be set for each player. 

An advanced clinic will be starting the same day for kids above the age of 14 who have completed the previous instructional and development clinic. This clinic is for kids that are prepared for high school and college level drills and speed. This clinic will be difficult but also very rewarding. The kids in this clinic will see major growth and understanding of how high school and college drills and day-to-day will look.

Saturday's:  Starting Nov 19 - Ending Dec 18

75 minutes

$375 per player

For questions and further details, contact Coach Sonny Boyd