Player Development Programs Available

by Skip McCarty

Catcher's Clinic

Designed, developed, and offered by our new professional catching instructor Sonny Boyd.  Check out Sonny's bio on our leadership page.  The program is currently offered in 90min intervals 1 day a week over 6 weeks.  

Week 1 -
No runners on setup receiving Plyo ball, two ball, rapid fire receiving
No runner Blocking, Three ball drill, 8 line ball drill, hands up,
hands down)

Week 2 -
Runners on receiving: Plyos, two ball, rapid fire
Runners on blocking: Three ball, 8 ball
throwing mechanics

Week 3 -
Switching positions: Plyo ball, two ball, rapid fire receiving, Three ball drill,
8 line ball drill, hands up, hands down

Week 4 -
Throwing mechanics: T drill, two knee receiving, one knee receiving,
full throws corner to corner

Week 5 -
Dirtball picks: rapid fire picks, reaction drill
throwing footwork to each base

Week 6 -
Reaction drills (all three): Receiving, blocking and picking (thrown), (Machine)

Pitcher's Clinic

This program comes to us from the mind of our now full-time pitching director Matt Cronin.  Matt designed this program to ensure pitcher's are getting the most of their development growth in the off-season, and then honing in on their new skills during season play.

  1. Post season assessment – This is where we identify specific deficiencies in the physical delivery and go over weaknesses that appeared throughout the season. The assessment will lay the foundation for the specific drills and programing structure for the duration of the off-season. It also provides a great baseline to track progress over time. 

  2. Non-throwing Rest Period – Following the assessment, time off from throwing may be required. Factors that contribute to needing time off from throwing are, age, workload throughout the season, time till spring season starts and physical health of the athlete. Drills during this phase will have emphasis on mobility and body positioning but be exempt from making physical throws. 

  3. On Ramping – During this phase throwing will begin. The goal of the on ramp is to gradually build the throwing volume of the athlete to avoid injury. This phase is generally 4-8 weeks of increasing workload. Starting with basic catch play a few times a week and leading into long toss and higher intensity throws. The period of on ramping creates a great base of arm strength that will carry the athlete through the season. 

  4. Mound blending  and Velocity (age dependent) – Once the arm and body have been properly built up and prepared for high intensity throws our focus will shift to throwing things hard and moving fast. Based on age and skill level this phase is generally 4-6 weeks which will consist of 1-2 high intensity days per week. During this phase we will also begin throwing off the mound.

  5. Pitch Design and Simulated Hitters- At this point we are beginning to gear up for the season and our goals shift to developing and executing different pitches at game speed. This phase general takes us into the start of the season. 

  6. Live hitters – At this point the season is only a couple weeks away and we begin facing live hitters to get us ready for the season and bring us up to game speed

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